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Introducing: Emmy- 23/11/2015

So as discussed in my first post, I am a Role player in Second life. The Sim (place) I Role play is called Crackden an Alterscape creation. 

As many Role players know, Backstories are very pivotal parts of Character creation. Where does your character come from? Who were their parents? Have they gone through anything Major? All questions are usually thought through before someone begins writing with others, However sometimes we think of details that we never actually get to write about. Here, I hope to write about My characters Backstory. Emmy 'Candy' Moretti. 

What I will write about is however 'Dark Role play' Some of the backstories might be to graphic or upsetting for others, This is a warning for those who may not wish to read about Murder/ Sex/ Drug abuse. 

Child Emmy.

Emerald Auteberry was born a bastard child of Ruby Auteberry and Salvatore Moretti. A mafia head and his Favourite whore. Though 'happily' married, Salvatore was a womaniser, having met in a hotel in London, he soon became obsessed with the woman and had her brought to Italy. Though they hid their relationship from Isabella Moretti it continued for a few years. In 1990 Ruby fell pregnant and upset to have his family find out Salvatore sent his prize back to the UK, Leaving her alone and without income. 

Ruby ended up in North London, In a place known as Camden, Famous for its music and Drug scene as well as its market place. Having to keep Emerald a secret she did not have any official birth certificate and after the dismissal from Salvatore, she found a paranoia grow over the safety of her new born daughter. Ruby continued working as a whore, often sending out her young child to amuse herself in the markets whilst her mother worked. Ruby was able to keep a small roof over her families head, though often Emerald missed out on meals. 

Refusing to send her daughter to school, Emerald never learnt to deal with children the same age as her, however as she was often left to her own devices, Emerald found a school and hid near the windows to listen in on the lessons and though most of the information was lost, she seemed to enjoy pretending to be part of the class. 

On one occasion, a boy who referred to himself as Casper the ghost caught her and realising the child wanted an education, used her to complete his homework. Giving Him passable grades and Emerald a very broken education. Casper sadly, moved away and not hearing from her friend until her later years, Emerald became very lonely once again. 

In 2003 at the age of 13, Emerald and her mother were never closer, Doting on her daughter, Ruby taught her how to bake when they could afford the ingredients and would always award her daughter with Candy. However the need to know who her father was and why she had been left to near poverty  set the greedy child on the path to finding the rest of her family. Once more entering a business she asked if an almost too- friendly clerk would help her find her father. The clerk obliged, asking for her name, her mothers name and other details about herself, stupidly, the girl revealed all and believing this would be the right path for her and her mother, she went home and kept the exchange a secret. 

A short period later, Her mother received a new client and sending Emerald out once more she gave her a set time to return. Upon returning Emerald found her mother Dishevelled and packing her bags, screaming at her daughter to help her. They were to long and as they departed, two gentlemen in clean suits followed them. Sadly, they caught up and Ruby told her daughter to hide in the only place available to her. The Camden Locke. 

Emerald Jumped into the Dark waters and pushed herself beneath the pathway, Her small body just able to fit in the space, though the water was cold and fear had her muscles spasm as she tried to keep quiet.

Part One. 
''Mummy'' she'd mumble to herself minutes later, the water calm around her. Yes, the young teenager called her mother ''Mummy'' She still acted like she were six damn it! She'd hear foot steps then fast paced running, her mother was above her, she could smell her perfume! ''Mummy'' she'd say again louder. Causing the foot steps to pause. Her mothers head would appear before her. Her long blonde hair hanging upside down causing the girl to giggle, though the fearful look and bloodied face caused her to stop. 
''Its ok baby'' Ruby would whisper to her girl ''Stay quiet a little longer too, Move over so Mummy Can join you'' There was a physical flinch, the sound of squelching from her mother caused Emerald to whimper. Ruby would let out a scream, covering the sound of her daughters crying. ''STOP PLEASE I DON'T KNOW'' the scream would sound over the water, causing Emmy to cry louder. 
''Of Course you do Pet'' A males voice ''Me and James jus' need ta know where she is, Then we leave you alone yea?'' A second voice. A second man was up there. A thud, Another thud. More squelching. More screaming. 
''SHES GONE''  Ruby would scream ''I don't know any more, please, she's good at running, you won't find her please stop, Please stop'' Emerald could see her mother talking, she stared right into her eyes as the men held her over the water, using the water as another form of torture. ''Please stop'' the whore begged. And then another sound joined the voices. A mechanic whir of metal, A chain saw, brought to life above there heads. And Ruby began to scream again, no longer able to stare at her daughter she simply closed her eyes and screamed. SPLASH. 
Was that a hand? In the water? Her mothers hand had joined Emerald? How did that work? Why wasn't it with the rest with her? Why was the water turning pink. ''Tell us where she is'' More questions, more screams, more grinding metal, more screams. SPLASH. A foot. SPLASH. A leg. And still Ruby screamed, screaming louder than her daughter, Covering the sound of her little one crying as bits of her joined her in the water.  

The screaming would stop. The machine would stop. And Ruby's head would roll forward.. and into the water. Bobbing in the murky liquid before the river would pull it away from Emerald, its terror filled eyes stuck on Emerald as she floated out of her life.

A Ring. A cell phone would break the silence. ''Nah baws, She's gone, told the kid to run, Gonna check in Cherry's place, she might of run ta her aunt'' Foot steps away would sound there departure. And the child would remain in the water. shivering and frozen in place.  
Hours later. When day blinded her. When she felt so tired she would happily slip beneath the water. Footsteps sounded again. Another head would appear over the edge, looking down on Emerald. Its blue eyes staring back at hers, he smelt like cigars, yet he smiled and held out his hand. Saying nothing he'd pull the girl from the water and cover her in his too big of a jacket. ''You are safe with me'' The man said to her. Trying to ignore the bloody water. he'd pulled her from. ''My name is Shadow, I am your brother'' he'd state calmly. Almost too logically. To quick to process. ''And we have a lot to talk about.'' He'd pick Emerald up. Cuddling the malnourished child to his chest, The silence somehow welcoming as they left the red water. Though Emmy's tired mind would soon forget. It were not just her mother she had lost that day. 
It were the reason she had tried to find the rest of her family in the first place; The unborn baby in her mothers stomach. 

Emmy and Ruby

''Mommy'' she'd whisper against Shadows Chest. ''Mommy, Why is the water red?'' 




Adam ''Shadow'' Moretti: 
Skin and Shape: Belleza- Ashton 
Boots: Gos- Desert. 
Boots: FATEwear-Eddie 
Blazer and Shirt: FATEwear- Chung 
Eyes: Ikon- Trojan Blue. 
Tattoo: Letis- Regulus 
Necklace: Earthstones- Tempest Gothic Cross 
Hair: Action- James Veganic. 

Shape: By me
Bracelet: Boom Friendship
Texture: Su! Bloody knees
Hair:Truth- Lottie 
Shirt: S*- Oversized tee 
Eyes: Ikon- Trojan blue 
Jeans: {N}- Rolled up jeans
Glasses: Envious- Kawaii Glasses 

Skin: Lure-Jennifer 
Dress: Pixicat- Darling 
Lipstick: Arise- Red 
Necklace: MG- Galina Skull 
Hair: Moon- Elastic Hear


So we come to the end of the story,
Suzanne died deadfall gory,

Along with a string of other girls he already killed,

Cause they offered to pleasure him orally.

Now banged up not a threat now a figure,

Last youll hear of the Camden Ripper.

Pics Taken by Dominic, Edited by me. 

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